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& ive never felt like this before ..

..its something special, something more.

20 January
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♥ hi, my name is jenna miller ♥
♥ i'm currently 15 and live in WARREN , nj [732]
♥im a jr @ WHRHS // class of [o7]
♥i love all my friends more then my life!
♥i love to go out and have a good time with friends
♥i love music, mostly any kind out there, im not picky.
♥shopping is a MAJOR hobby of mine, i do it alot!
♥i dont like to be told what to do, im a rebellious sorta girl
♥im not the quiet typical girl, im VERY LOUD AND OUTGOING!
♥i want someone who wants more then just a bootycall.
♥i like to play pool & go to the diner with friends ALOT!
♥i love to go clubbing & party
♥i love making out & little kisses
♥i do very unexpected things &will most likely try ANYTHING once
♥i am very random and spontaneous with the things i do
♥i have my own opinion on things and you cant change them either
♥i may come off as a bitch ,but im not. you just need to get to know me
♥i have alot of favorite colors, the ones i like the most are pink &black
♥i am 75% italian, and 25% irish, and i am very proud of my heritage!
♥if you are a nice person, i guarentee we will get along just fine.
♥i love the summer: beaches, bikinis, tanning, and hot summer nights.
♥i love to drive with music blasting and windows downnn! :)
♥im me - xnumba1flirt0

♥ u should contact me & make me ur friend ASAP. kthnx! ♥